Parish Proud is a 501c3 serving Acadiana.

Mission Statement
Parish Proud is an umbrella service organization that works in collaboration with community partners to make Lafayette Parish the most vibrant and appealing community in the world.

Vision Statement
Parish Proud knows Lafayette has unique culture and amazing people. We want to celebrate that in the best way possible, giving those people a landscape, they deserve.

Values Statement
Parish Proud values our three E’s:
Eliminating Litter. Encouraging Beautification. Enhancing Parish Pride.

What does Parish Proud provide under its title as an umbrella service organization?

A partnership of Revitalization
Revitalization of community pride that is centered around tackling issues related to litter, blight, and beautification
A partnership of Outreach to
Outreach that raises awareness, educates, and creates a call to action
A partnership of Unity
Unity of stakeholders from government, the private sector, the public sector, non-profits, religious, and civic organizations
A partnership of Deliverables
Deliverables and Outcomes that are real, tangible, durable, and sustainable
In two words it’s…. Mission Accomplished…..It’s Parish Proud

How does Parish Proud work towards its goals?
Parish Proud pilots three main programs that work towards improving our quality of place within Acadiana creating partnerships between citizens, businesses, and governments.

Parish Proud Ambassadors:

• Parish Proud Ambassadors act as liaisons to their area, inspiring and collaborating with others to create an impact where they live. No one knows your area better than you do. You know its wants and needs! Through our Ambassador program, we will give you the tools to make that a reality. Anyone wanting to take a leadership role in their immediate area can be a Parish Proud Ambassador. Parish Proud is piloting this program in 2021 and looks forward to opening this up to the Acadiana region in the future! Currently, our Ambassadors range from neighborhood leaders all the way to professional athletes and nonprofit leaders.

Acadiana Proud:

• Parish Proud knows we have a culture like no other here in Acadiana. To that end, we work with municipalities to help foster a sense of pride for all in their areas. Parish Proud asks municipalities to:

o Consistently promote the picking up of litter through both events and other ways,
o Display “Do Not Litter” signage,
o Have and maintain trash cans in the municipality,
o Keep up with its public yard work and landscaping, including regular grass cutting and weedeating,
o Help citizens remove debris, waste and other items,
o Work towards beautification efforts within their city,
o Promote removal of blighted and dilapidated buildings
o Promote all efforts to support a litter-free, beautiful environment.

• In turn Parish Proud will make a commitment to you! In addition to providing anti-litter street signs for your community, we will assist in the planning, execution and supply for any quality of place initiative you may start.

Certified Commercial Partner:

• Parish Proud celebrates business habits that improve our quality of place throughout Acadiana. Through our Certified Commercial Partner program we ask businesses to do the following:

o Consistently picking up litter on a weekly basis,
o Have and maintain proper cigarette disposal as provided by Parish Proud,
o Have and maintain trash cans on premises,
o Keeping up with yard work and landscaping, including regular grass cutting and edging,
o Removing debris, illegal signs, & yard waste from their property at least on a WEEKLY basis and disposing of such correctly
o Clearing storm drains of debris, lawn clippings, chemicals, oil and grease, and
o Promoting all efforts to support a litter-free, beautiful environment.

Thank you for believing in Parish Proud, collectively we can make a difference, and, as important, your generous donation will be used to facilitate change in our community.

Your gift will be used to bring Parish Proud’s efforts to life through our three E’s: Eliminating Litter, Encouraging Beautification and Enhancing Parish Pride. Please know your involvement is an important part of meeting our goal, a parish as appealing and vibrant as our culture.

Parish Proud is committed to this endeavor. Our plans are to become the resource that unites the efforts of the many great organizations we have in Acadiana, to make it a better place, and one that all of us can say we are “Parish Proud”.

You can make a tax-deductible donation to support Parish Proud online or mail a check (made payable to CFA, memo: Parish Proud):

Community Foundation of Acadiana
Attn: Parish Proud
1035 Camellia Boulevard, Suite 100
Lafayette, LA 70508

You can also make a donation from your Donor Advised Fund (DAF) at Community Foundation of Acadiana or elsewhere. To request a donation from your DAF at CFA, please email

If you would like a Parish Proud representative to speak at your business, organization, or neighborhood group, please email