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Rodney Savoy
2023 Lafayette Civic Cup Recipient

The Lafayette Civic Cup will honor business and civic leader Rodney Savoy as the 91st recipient of the prestigious award at the organization’s annual banquet slated for Tuesday, November 14 at 5:30 pm at the City Club at River Ranch.

Upon learning of the honor, Savoy modestly said, “When I received the call, I thought there are so many people more deserving of this award but I’m honored to be chosen by the Committee. To be included on a list with so many people who have done so much for Lafayette is very humbling.”

Hank Perret wrote, “Rodney represents the best of Lafayette, having reshaped its landscape through real estate development and transformed countless community enterprises through his selfless investment of time and resources. Cindi and he have in a variety of ways improved the lives of every single citizen in Lafayette.”

Rodney is a prominent figure known for his contributions to his community. He was born in Abbeville and raised in Rayne, Louisiana. He is a prominent figure known for his extensive contributions to his community. He married his high school sweetheart, Cindi Moody, and they have three children, Scott (1970 – 1992), Neil, and Shelley and son-in-law Dr. Boo Cestia and grandparents to Blair, Zach, Mia, and Clay Cestia.

Rodney pursued higher education at the University of Southwestern Louisiana (USL), where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Accounting in 1972. He became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in 1973, initiating a successful 25-year career in accounting and financial consulting.

Rodney's professional background enabled him to embark on various entrepreneurial ventures. In 1998, he co-founded RR Company of America, LLC, which specialized in blood plasma collection centers and commercial property development. This venture prospered and continues to thrive.

In collaboration with Robert Daigle, Rodney played a pivotal role in the development of River Ranch, City Club at River Ranch, and Southern Lifestyle Development Co., overseeing multiple mixed-use and residential projects across the Southern United States. His dedication to community improvement was evident in the donation of a new building to the Community Foundation of Acadiana in 2009.

Rodney's business acumen extended to the culinary world, leading to the formation of the Double R Restaurant Group in 2011. Under his guidance, popular establishments like Pour, Romacelli's, and Another Broken Egg Café flourished before being sold in 2019 and 2020.

Post-retirement from the plasma industry in 2010, Rodney shifted his focus towards philanthropy. Inspired by colleagues Hank Perret and Lenny Lemoine, he became deeply involved in the development of Moncus Park. His generosity extended to the donation of The Savoy Family Treehouse to the park.

Rodney's belief in the power of education is evident through his support for both public and private schools. His contributions to initiatives like Love Our Schools' home giveaway and the ACE Scholarship program underscore his commitment to accessible education.

Rodney Savoy's journey is one of resilience, entrepreneurship, and a profound love for his community. His enduring legacy is woven into the fabric of Lafayette, a testament to the transformative impact of giving back.

He is a strong financial supporter of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s academic and athletic programs because of his love of our community and our university.

Savoy is an active community member and has been affiliated with numerous philanthropic organizations including the Community Foundation of Acadiana, Moncus Park, Catholic Charities, St. Jude’s Dream Home, Love Our Schools, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, St. Thomas More, and Miles Perret Cancer Services Center.

Living Civic Cup recipients include Edward Abell, Jr. (’95), Richard Zuschlag (’96), Bill Fenstermaker (’99), Dr. Jean Kreamer (’00), Madlyn Boustany Hilliard (’01), Matt Stuller (’02), Paul Hilliard (’03), Clive “Rusty” Cloutier (’04), Greg Davis, Sr. (’05), James Prince (’07), Dr. Paul “Buddy” Azar, Jr. (’09), Gary McGoffin (’10), Dwight “Bo” Ramsay (’12), Red Lerille (’13), Kevin Moody (’14), Henry “Hank” Perret (’15), Clay Allen (’16), Dr. Mary Neiheisel (’17), Randy Haynie (’18), Jerry Greig (’19), Barry Berthelot (’21), and Lenny Lemoine (’22).

The 2023 Lafayette Civic Cup is being sponsored by First Horizon Bank and Parish Proud.

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