• The SLCC Foundation and Community Foundation of Acadiana have partnered to invest South Louisiana Community College’s growing endowment. This collaboration stemmed from a need for financial management and investment expertise.
    CFA is a community leader and a neutral convener in addressing community needs and opportunities. CFA initiates, manages or houses civic leadership projects in partnership with government, businesses, and private interests in an effort to improve our communities. 
  • Click HERE to learn more about establishing YOUR named Fund at CFA! You won't believe how easy it is.
    Click HERE to make an online tax-deductible contribution to an already-established Fund at CFA! Select from our growing list of Funds.
  • Invest with Impact - Be a Community Foundation Ambassador
    In addition to its stewardship of donors' charitable resources, CFA is a community leader, convener and honest broker. CFA Ambassadors support the Foundation and its civic leadership work annually.
  • A variety of assets can be made available for charitable purposes-immediately and perpuity. By making bequests and other "planned gifts," you can continue to support the organizations that are making a difference in our communities.
    We encourage you to work with your professional advisors and our team of capable staff to realize the many benefits of leaving a legacy with the Foundation.
Accepting nominations for the 2017 Leaders in Philanthropy Awards. Click here to submit your nomination.

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Corporate philanthropy is a key component of a healthy and viable community.  Whether it's a scholarship fund, a corporate foundation, private label giving cards, or a donor advised fund, we can help.
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Want to avoid the  hassles of private foundation management?  Choosing a named fund or supporting organization at CFA provides real advantages for those who wish to set aside long-term charitable assets.

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