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Contribute to a Fund

Give to an existing Fund!

Give to an Existing Fund...Follow the Lead

Existing funds at the Foundation appeal to different people for different reasons. Some endowed funds are designated to benefit a specific entity over time. Other funds are considered field of interest funds and broadly benefit causes, like the arts or education. These funds give options to generous donors who are interested in contributing and leveraging their charitable gifts.
Donors can follow the lead of others by giving to already established funds such as: endowed funds that benefit the Miles Perret Center or Bridge Ministry of Acadiana or the Lafayette Community Health Care Center; funds that benefit specific objectives like the Elemore J. Morgan Jr. Visual Arts Endowment or the Horse Farm Fund or the Iberia Parish Foundation or the St. Mary Parish Foundation; funds that provide capacity for the Foundation, like the Friends of the Community Fund; and funds that provide resources for general grant-making, like the Spirit of Acadiana Fund.

Establish Your Own Named Fund...Take the Lead

Donors can also take the lead by establishing your own fund that could attract additional contributions and interest. Imagine the impact a designated, field of interest, or scholarship fund can have on an entity or cause important to you. Imagine the impact of numerous other parties contributing to the same effort.

To discuss creating a Fund or growing an existing Fund, contact Raymond Hebert at 337.769.4840.
To make a contribution to your own fund or to another already existing fund at the Foundation, contact Donor Services at 337.769.4843.


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