Conference Center

Community Foundation of Acadiana is both humbled and grateful to have received its permanent home as a gift from a generous donor in November 2009.  Because the building was designed and built as a gift for the Foundation, its characteristics reflect the Foundation's stability, transparency, and progressiveness in the communities it serves.
Within the building are two conference rooms - a smaller room for groups of up to 12 and board room with a seating capacity of 50.  As available, the Foundation is proud to offer use of its Conference Center to the public for those events that are in accordance with its  mission.  CFA also welcomes and encourages use of its conference rooms by its Ambassadors
Applications for use of the Conference Center will be reviewed by CFA staff and Board of Directors to assure that the proposed event is in keeping with the Foundation's mission.
  • The Conference Center is available for use from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Monday - Friday, as these are Foundation's regular business hours.  In addition, use on nights, weekends, or holidays may be considered upon request.
  • A projector and screen are available for use and our Conference Center is equipped with password protected Wi-Fi.
  • Coffee and water will be provided for all meetings held in the Conference Center.  Catering and additional hospitality services can be provided upon request.

For an application to use the Conference Center, click here.



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