Every community has its own unique set of
issues, needs, and opportunities.

The Foundation's local affiliates are center points from which families can more effectively target specific charitable objectives in their community.
Affiliates leverage the benefit of pooled resources, experienced investment and administrative support, and credibility of the Foundation; but, it is still the home-grown, home town philanthropy that makes the difference in the communities they love.
The Foundation currently has two geographic affiliates:

Establish a Geographic Community Fund
A community fund can be established to benefit the community you love--it may be the community where you grew up, where you raised your family, or where you retired.
It's easy to start a community fund. All it takes is one or more individuals committed to a vision of making their community a better place to live.
A community fund could also target a specific field of interest, such as youth or health or the arts. Later, as the community fund or family of community funds grow, you may choose to formally establish a geographic affiliate.

Become a Geographic Affiliate
With its own advisory board of local leaders, an affiliate is organized as a permanent vehicle to enhance the quality of life for the citizens in a specific geographic region.
After first growing its permanent charitable endowment to $100,000, a community fund or family of community funds can be established as an affiliate. Each affiliate fund provides a community the opportunity to maintain its identity and to safeguard money raised or given in that community.
To speak with a Community Foundation of Acadiana staff member about starting a geographic fund, contact Raymond Hebert at 337-769-4840.



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