About DONORSense®:
DONORSense® is the premier online searchable database provided by the Foundation to connect south Louisiana donors and nonprofits to needs in Acadiana--one of the many ways the Foundation strongly impacts our communityMore and more, donors are showing a need for information before making their giving choices. Donors are asking for an easily accessible central database to find the information. DONORSense® addresses these needs.
Community Foundation of Acadiana is one of only ten community foundations across the U.S. to provide a DonorEdge product to its community - the database is powered by the Foundation's national partner, Guidestar, with the specific product for Acadiana called DONORSense®. This online searchable database of nonprofit organizations provides donors the answers to any question they might have about how charities are impacting the quality of life in Acadiana. 
Donations can be made to the charity of your choice, right from the DONORSense® website; or, you can use DONORSense® to access comprehensive data on nonprofit organizations so that you can make more knowledgeable decisions about where to give in Acadiana. Giving is made easier, more effective, and more transparent. 
To access the DONORSense® database, go to
To learn about upcoming trainings on how to complete your own profile on DONORSense®, click here.

DONORSense® Testimonial:
"...St. Edward School received a donation directly from our DONORSense® profile...we received another as a personal gift...but I know it was in direct correlation to our presence on DONORSense®...St. Edward School's profile was created as one of the top 100 (on, prior to the (CFA) public launch. To think that in that short time we have already realized a benefit from our effort (on is huge.  DONORSense® allows us to put ourselves out there to donors who might otherwise never know we exist and we are grateful to be a part of CFA in this capacity."
-- Melissa Dworaczyk, Development Director, St. Edward School



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